2018 Harassment Task Force

This ad hoc committee, comprised of Utah Democratic Party leaders and experts, is working on suggested revisions to our Anti-Harassment Policy, best practices, and is creating recommendations for an updated Campaign Code of Ethics.

This committee is expected to complete the scope of their work to be presented to the Executive Committee by Saturday, December 1, 2018, in order to have all approved recommendations added to the next State Central Committee agenda.



Kat Martinez, Childcare licensing and trainer – Utah Democratic Party’s Women’s Caucus Chair

Will Kocher, AFSCME Local 1004 employment representative – SLCo Legislative District 40 Chair



Sheryl Ginsberg, Retired clinical social worker – SLCo Legislative District 36 Vice-Chair

Faeiza Javed, Mental Health Clinical Director – Democrat

Christina Jepson, Employment attorney and adjunct law professor – Democrat

Elaine Navar, Community liaison – Representative Sandra Hollins’ Executive Assistant

Representative Angela Romero, Utah State Legislator – Utah House Democrats Minority Whip

Rebecca Valverde, Child welfare and domestic violence social worker – Utah Democratic Party Executive Committee: Central Regional Coordinator



Utah Democratic Party Chair Daisy Thomas and Judicial Committee Chair David Billings are the supervising Executive Committee members of this committee.