Diane Lewis: I’m a Utah Dem

I’m a Utah Democrat, because I believe in what the Democratic Party stands for. Democrats represent the middle class, we represent the interests of working families, and we believe in each other. It’s not about the individual; it’s about coming together and supporting each other.

I was raised in Los Angeles and later moved to Colorado. In 1998, I moved to Salt Lake City to be closer to my mother and two sisters. That same year, I started working as a labor dispatcher. What started out as a job has become a lifelong passion to fighting for our workers. Now that I’m a mother and grandmother, this issue of labor rights is even more important to me.

Working with the Laborers’ Local 295 ( LiUNA) for almost two decades now, I have realized the important of providing a voice to the voiceless on crucial issues like healthcare, workplace benefits, and growth opportunities. This is especially important for women. In a union, there is no inequality in wages for women; you get paid the same as any man for the work you do, which is exactly how it should be.

I started getting involved in politics through my work with the union. I realized that a lot of the issues that are challenges for laborers stem from the inaction of our elected leaders. And I realized that one person, one vote really can make a difference. Working people are forgotten in this state, at least up at the state legislature, and this is due largely to the imbalance in our political system. Our legislators have forgotten that without the working people, without the middle class, there is nothing. The middle class keeps our economy running, and we must do more to help Utah’s working families.

I hope you’ll join me in voting for Democrats this November. Help us fight the good fight for your family, for my family, for our families.