Carl Ingwell

Congressional District 3

Carl is a lifelong Utahn.  For the past decade, he has been actively involved as a community organizer, environmental lobbyist, and an environmental/social justice advocate. Carl works for positive changes in our community.

Carl has lived and worked throughout Congressional District Three, from urban to rural areas. He previously resided in Cottonwood Heights, and for the past year, has lived in Monticello, Utah. He has worked in Bears Ears National Monument for the past decade.

Carl’s lived experience, gives him the best understanding of issues that affect the entire district, and the unique issues that affect both urban and rural areas.  The special election will serve as a barometer for the 2018 midterm elections.  Carl is the most strategic candidate to send to the general election, a candidate that has the ability to gain momentum for the party.

Carl is running on three key platforms: environmental stewardship; a strong, forward-thinking economy; and robust and equitable communities that are rooted in Utah values.

Carl is not just another politician; he puts Utah values first without leaving anyone behind.

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