Cristóbal Villegas


Cristóbal Villegas, Jr. is the son of Mexican and Salvadorian immigrants. Born in California, Utah has been his home from the age of seven. Cristóbal graduated from Springville High and later decided to serve an LDS mission. Upon returning home, he then graduated from Utah Valley University (UVU) with a B.A. in Political Science with Honors Distinction. While attending UVU, he had the opportunity to serve as President of the Multicultural Student Council for three years and then work as the Presidential Intern to the Vice President of Student Affairs for a year.

Cristóbal presently works with people that are experiencing homelessness by helping them acquire different resources offered by various programs. Currently, Cristóbal is in the Masters of Public Administration program at the University of Utah. He is currently the Legislative Chair for HD 23. Cristóbal understands the urgency of issues because the consequences affect him and his loved ones, from immigration to LGBTQIA+, he cannot rest until there is equality and equity for all Americans.

As Party Secretary, Cristóbal will accomplish the constitutional roles and innovate upon such roles to keep the Party growing. Visit for more information.

Organize. Energize. Mobilize.