Daisy Thomas

Candidate for Party Chair


Daisy Thomas is a dedicated wife and mother of three, Jasper, Lily, and Tesla.

Daisy has pushed Democratic values since college, where she studied Religion. She served as Asian Student Union Political Director and founded Asian VOICES, a GOTV/civic engagement initiative. She also founded the Society for Academic Religious Studies and served on the Interfaith Council. For eight years, Daisy was Managing Director of an online game journalism magazine that saw upwards of 11 million unique visits per month.  As a member of the Junior League in Florida, California and Utah, she served as Chair of Human Trafficking Awareness, Board Secretary, and Special Events Co-Director.

While homeschooling her children in Utah, Daisy helped open and organize the Utah for Bernie Sanders office. She was elected Precinct Chair, Secretary for the Utah Democratic Asian Pacific Islander Caucus, and National Delegate for Bernie Sanders. Daisy also serves as Chief of Staff of Utah Progressives, as an appointed member of the Utah State Democratic Platform Committee, as Board Secretary for the Salt Lake County Democratic Progressive Caucus, and as a voting member of both the Salt Lake County and State Central Committees.


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