Dallon Cooper

Candidate for Party Secretary

My name is Dallon Cooper and I am running for Secretary of the Utah Democratic Party. I want to run for Secretary because I am passionate about politics and I want to build a unifying coalition in Utah that could turn Utah blue for the first time since 1968. My involvement with the Democratic party started after I transitioned out of the active US Air Force. I have worked on multiple campaigns including the 2014 Doug Owens campaign, 2015 Ralph Becker Re-Election campaign, and the 2016 Hillary for America Campaign. In 2015 I became President/Chair of the College Democrats at the University of Utah (CDU) and led the briefing of 14 political and business delegates from varying countries in Africa. With this experience and my energizing passion I feel ready to run for a leadership position on the Executive Board of the Democratic Party. The two things that I would most like to accomplish are: 1) Inform voters on the platform of a ‘Utah Democrat’ and, 2) Organize/build a coalition of Democrats from Salt Lake County and rural counties alike

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