Nadia Bowman

Candidate for Party Chair

As the only chair candidate to complete the party’s statewide listening tour, Nadia Bowman has heard first-hand the challenges all Utah Democrats face. She’ll unite divided factions against dangerous Republican rhetoric and policies and she has the vision and skills to move our party forward. As a lawyer and PhD candidate in political science at the U, Nadia will effectively analyze and apply data and peer-reviewed research to advocate for our party and elect more Democrats. Her specialty is political persuasion, specifically overcoming biases and misinformation—an especially useful skill set for the next UDP Chair!

A second-generation Iranian-American, Nadia holds strong progressive values and is eager to move the party away from the failed status quo in a respectful and deliberate manner. She’s served the party as a delegate and volunteer; canvased, phone banked, and performed policy research for candidates; serves on the boards of the Utah Stonewall Caucus, the Women’s Democratic Club, and the Utah Women’s Coalition; and is active in many other groups.

Nadia is the bold, new leader our party needs. With an updated ​constitution, bylaws, and platform and Nadia Bowman as Chair, the Utah Democratic Party will see many successes in the years to come!

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