Sarah Scott

Candidate for Party Chair

Sarah Scott, is an established leader within the Utah grassroots organizing community, with a professional background focused in branding, marketing, and data analytics.   She has an undergraduate degree in Finance from Westminster College, where she sits on the Board of Sustainability. Sarah sits on the Community Board for Emerging Leaders Initiative, which focuses on engaging and training young professionals to become political leaders. Sarah is founder of Utah for Bernie Sanders, one of the most successful grassroots organizations in the nation. Sarah was hired on by the Sanders national campaign, working as the Outreach Director for Rural Nevada, and one of the State Directors for Utah.

Sarah was the Lead Software Analyst for a global construction company. She is passionate about connecting people via technology, and using it to create the most effective systems possible, from outreach efforts, to fundraising and canvassing efforts, to database tracking and analytics, to using it to streamline trainings, and communicating both internally and externally. Sarah grew up between Rhode Island and Alabama, and has lived in Rural Wyoming working in the mines and other industrial plants. With her extensive professional background, and ability to relate, Sarah is the type of leader Utah Democrats need.

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