Summer Rasmussen

Candidate for Party Vice-Chair

I aspire to be the Vice Chair of the Utah Democratic Party Executive Committee because I have the drive and passion necessary to make real changes and implement important programs within the UDP. My vision is of a more involved, honest, and inclusive Democratic Party. Recently, we have seen a great surge in participation across the country, but Democratic turnout in Utah has been especially amazing. Constituents across the voting spectrum have shown up in record-breaking numbers to make their voices heard.

As Vice Chair of the Executive Committee, it would be my goal to ensure that those voices continue to be heard. Because of our party’s recent and rapid growth, it can be easy for individuals and their concerns to fall between the cracks. In order to capture and utilize the great energy we’ve seen lately, The UDP must provide information, programs, and assistance across the state. It is my personal mission to foster more open communication between Party leadership and all Utah Democrats. When we work together, I believe that Utah Democrats have the power to affect real progress and I will give my all to assist in that process.

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