Summer Rasmussen

Candidate for Party Vice-Chair

In a state where Republicans still out number Democrats by over 4-to-1, the odds have never been in our favor. My vision is of a more involved and inclusive Utah. To me, being outnumbered politically is even more of a reason to participate and be constantly, actively engaged in both state and federal politics.

Recently, people of all ages, genders, races, and religions have turned out in record-breaking numbers to make their voices heard. As Vice Chair of the Utah Democratic Party Executive Committee, it would be my goal to ensure that those voices continue to be heard. Because of our party’s rapid and massive growth, it can be easy for some people and their concerns to fall between the cracks. I will make it my personal mission to provide outreach to hear and address the concerns of all members of our party from centrists to the ultra-progressive.

It is only together that we can truly achieve change for the better and I intend to make that change happen smoothly and as swiftly as possible. I hope you will join me in Looking Forward to a Brighter Utah as we work together for the greater good.

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