Tab Uno – State House 13 Nominee

“I am a Democrat because my father, Raymond S. Uno, has been a staunch solid Democrat since I was born and he became one of the most influential model minority figures in our state of Utah.”













My name is Tab Lyn Uno. I live in Clearfield City with my wife of 18 years. A life-long resident of Utah, born in Salt Lake City a year before Burger Bar opened, a former member of the Salt Lake City Board of Education, a licensed clinical social worker, and masters graduate from the University of Utah in Public Administration, I have a strong commitment to helping people here in Sunset, Clearfield, Clinton, and West Point. I have dedicated this year to visiting all 10,000 homes in our legislative house district to hear about our community concerns that need to be addressed. Public safety retirement benefits have been drastically cut back. The proposed West Davis Corridor impacts on West Point. Our Great Salt Lake disappearing because of urban development. How teachers have out of control students in their classrooms and can’t teach. The high monthly cost of health care insurance that is larger than the cost of owning a home for a middleclass business woman and family of five. These are the real issues that need to be addressed. I am committed to working for affordable health care for all, dramatically lowering prescription drug prices, promoting local neighborhood school control over education as well as improving mental health and special education services, protecting our air and water, increasing the economic opportunities for local residents, and improving services to our senior citizens.