Zach Robinson: I’m a Utah Democrat

I’m Zach Robinson, and I’m a Utah Democrat.

The reason I am a Utah Dem is simple: The Utah Democratic Party cares about every person in our state. In an age where ambition and greed have become ingrained in modern culture, the Utah Democratic Party’s altruistic vision sets it apart from our other political options in Utah.

As a public servant, I believe in caring for ALL people – black, white, gay, straight, LDS, non-LDS – and Utah Democrats do exactly that. We celebrate our rich diversity in Utah, instead of working to exclude it. Utah Dems work hard to ensure ALL are treated equally, whether it’s standing up for the rights of our LGBT brothers and sisters or supporting equal pay regardless of gender. Utah Democrats work to ensure clean air and quality education for all. We know these aren’t just “nice things to have,” they’re among the basic things our families deserve. Utah Democrats work to ensure that ALL have access to healthcare so they ALL can care for their families. I am a Utah Democrat that believe in being good to fellow humans. This is what being a part of this party means to me.