2017-2019 UDP Secretary Applicants

Michael Bryant

My goal is simple: to create a streamlined process to distribute relevant information to anyone who needs it. Whenever they need it, wherever they need it (meaning all of Utah’s 29 counties!). I want to draw on my experience as a business leader to create a transparent, cross-channel communication strategy to improve information sharing as well as accountability for its availability.

I recently served as Secretary for the Salt Lake County Constitution Revision Committee. The group was tasked with rewriting and improving the Salt Lake County constitution. Collectively we spent hundreds of hours, on a granular level, to improve and standardize the Constitution. The degree of skill and attention to detail required to be successful in that role makes me well suited to be our next State Secretary.

I currently serve as Vice Chair for the Utah Stonewall Democrats. During my time with USD we have managed to significantly increase membership participation and awareness in multiple online spaces. I’d like to apply those skills as Secretary to do the same for the UDP.

I thank you for your consideration and humbly ask for your support. -Michael

Jordana Cashman

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Holly Garets

A Salt Lake City native, Holly Garets currently lives with her husband in Bluffdale. She attended Southern Utah University for two years where she majored in Communications. Holly moved back to Salt Lake where she works at eBay. There she coaches and leads her team members on toward successful careers of their own. Ensuring they have the tools and knowledge necessary to be successful in any team they choose to move to. She also partners with small businesses nationwide to help grow and profit.

Holly is passionate about conserving our public lands and protecting our environment. She believes in giving minorities a voice and creating a diverse state. Holly is passionate about providing healthcare to everyone regardless of economic or employment state. She also cares deeply about providing affordable education to all to enable each person as many opportunities to grow.

Holly is organized and outgoing, believing in communicating with each person she meets on an individual basis, valuing that person. She believes in listening and partnering to find commonalities with each person she meets. Holly thrives in challenging and chaotic environments, surpassing expectations during high pressure scenarios. She is highly engaging and eager to make a difference in Utah.

Lisa Hansen

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Ryan Jackson

Born in 1983 in Salt Lake City, Utah Ryan Jackson is a Political Scientist and Civil Rights Activist! Growing up as a kid in Indianapolis Indiana in a poor community. My father was a Carpenter from Chicago, Illinois and Military Veteran. He passed away March 13th 2018. My mother became a Social Worker as a child I attended church sometimes 2 times a week. She graduated from the University of Utah. Ryan Jackson started a boycott to bring change to poor, black, and disadvantaged communities. During 2018 he ran as an independent candidate in the US Senate advocating for black and Latinos he meet while becoming a Journalist at SLCC working for the Globe gave him recognition as a Journalist in 2016 by interviewing students, Latinos,  and veterans who each received a $20,000 Scholarship or $10,000 for 2nd and 3rd place recipients. Ryan Jackson started at SLCC studying Political Science in 2006.In 2007 hebecame a machine operator while finishing his B.A. degree at CTU in Criminal Justic, Homeland Security, and Emergency Management! As a young charismatic leader Jackson became an Insurance Agent in January of 2019.
Salt Lake Community College/CTU, Major: AS Political Science/ BA Criminal Justice Homeland Security and Emergency Management
Occupation: Insurance Agent
Age: 35 years old
Nationality: African American Native
Religion: Jewish Disciple
Ethnicity: American Jew
Language: Hebrew

Jay Kline

My name is Jay L. Kline and I was born and raised in Oklahoma so I understand a bit about conservative politics.  In 1993 I moved to Denver and became active in the community in many different ways through several organizations.  I served on the board of the Rocky Mountain Arts Association as secretary for 6 years.  I also served as president of the Denver Gay Men’s Chorus (DGMC) Council for a period of 4 years serving on various committees during my tenure.  Later I was privileged to serve my church sitting on the Administration Board, Staff/Parish Committee, Trustees and chaired the Reconciling Committee.  My political activities included assisting in the formation of PAC’s to help various candidates at the city, county and state levels.  During my time in Colorado I saw it evolve from being a red-leaning state that passed Proposition 2 to a more progressive purple state.  Last November the electorate voted to continue Democratic leadership electing a gay, Jewish governor while at the same time giving control of both houses of the state legislature to Democrats.  This transformation in just a few years gives me an interesting perspective of Utah politics.  My partner and I moved to Utah last June and it would be a pleasure to serve my new community.

Jennifer Oliver

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Miles Travis

Miles Travis was born and raised in North Carolina. He earned a bachelor’s degree in biology from the University of North Carolina, a master’s in history from Montana State, and a certificate in historic preservation from the University of North Carolina, Greensboro. He moved to Utah in 2016 for his wife to pursue a doctorate at the University of Utah, and to be close to family. Miles now lives in Layton with his wife and three kids. He works as the Software Security Team Lead at the Air Force Mission Planning Software Support Facility.

Miles believes in the power of community involvement and has a history of volunteer service. While an undergraduate, he worked as a co-chair of the service-learning program at UNC. He canvassed for Barak Obama during his 2008 campaign and served as deacon for his church in North Carolina. He also volunteers at his children’s schools, and has coached youth soccer and baseball teams. When he’s not working, Miles enjoys backpacking, snowboarding, and reading. He is hopeful about the world his children will inherit, but he is concerned by the inability of leaders to work together respectfully and the strident tone of the current political discourse.

Rebecca Wingster 

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