** 2018 Draft Platform **

Amendments must be co-sponsored by a member of the Platform Committee and proposed amendments must be submitted by Saturday, April 21, by 12pm. To submit an amendment:

Those wishing to propose an amendment to the platform must email it to platform@utdem.org by 11:59:59 PM on 04/21. Please include your name and a phone number with your submission. 

Once received, the Platform Sub-Committee will combine all substantively similar amendments. The committee will reach out to you if clarification is needed or we encounter an issue with your submission. 
Following this process, you’ll receive notification that your amendment is on the docket for discussion at Convention. 
Once the final list of amendments has been compiled, it will be sent to all Delegates for their consideration in advance of Convention. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please email Alex at acragun@utdem.org


Utah Democrats: Thriving Together

Utah Democrats believe that we all share a common humanity. That belief drives our efforts to build a thriving society in which all can pursue their dreams.  Quality education, good health, economic security, environmental protections, and effective governance are key. 

Shared Humanity

We believe that our shared humanity transcends age, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, country of origin, immigration status, class, or ability; it drives all we do. Thus, we

  • Promote policies that protect the basic civil rights guaranteed by our Constitution; 
  • Strive to eliminate discriminatory practices and systemic barriers that impede personal aspirations and contribute to intergenerational cycles of poverty;
  • Support efforts to protect the most vulnerable among us, such as children; people without stable shelter; veterans; people with disabilities, including those with mental illness or addiction; the elderly; and those re-entering society after incarceration.

Quality Education

We believe that education is key to personal fulfillment, economic development, and a thriving, stable society. Accordingly, every child and adult needs access to quality public educational resources with which to equip themselves for a complex world. Thus, we support

  • Funding for competitive teacher salaries, lower class sizes, modern facilities, and resources needed to address the physical, social, and mental health needs of students;
  • Evidence-based curricula that prepare students to be citizens of the 21st century;
  • Certification standards that put well-qualified teachers in the classroom;
  • Early childhood education, especially for vulnerable and at-risk children; and
  • Affordable post-secondary education.

A Healthy Utah

We believe that individuals, families, and society need access to affordable, quality healthcare to thrive. Thus, we support policies that 

  • Enhance access to affordable and effective care, including preventive, reproductive, and mental health care that also provides treatment for substance abuse disorders;
  • Require excellence from health care institutions, providers, and training programs; and
  • Support Departments of Health, health/wellness promotion and education programs, and biomedical research.

Economic Security 

We believe that Utahns deserve an economy that provides the financial security needed for individuals and businesses to thrive, not just survive. Accordingly, we support policies that

  • Allow unions to bargain on behalf of workers;
  • Ensure that honest labor is rewarded with a living wage;
  • Attract and facilitate the creation of businesses that employ individuals with diverse abilities and skills;
  • Ensure workplace safety and promote employee well-being, including work life balance; 
  • Eliminate discrimination in hiring, promotion, and compensation; 
  • Protect those living at or below poverty’s edge, including policies that enhance food and housing security.

Environmental Protections

We believe that a healthy environment sustains life, just as earth’s beauty improves the quality of life and, here in Utah, supports a thriving tourism and recreation industry. Thus, we support measures that 

  • Prepare for the impact of climate change on our health, economy, and environment;
  • Improve our air quality; 
  • Protect and effectively manage our water supply;
  • Protect against the development of and damage to our wilderness areas, landscapes, parks and monuments, and unique ecosystems/vulnerable habitats;
  • Prevent privatization of state and federal lands; and
  • Promote the development of clean, renewable sources of energy.

Effective Governance

We believe that good government serves as the foundation of a thriving society. Accordingly, we will strive for 

  • Government that is efficient, fiscally responsible, transparent, ethical, accountable, and that puts the welfare of Utah residents above the welfare of special interest groups; 
  • Government that advances the common good through infrastructure development; public education; environmental protections; social supports; public health and safety programs; and an unbiased justice system, including access to jury trials;
  • Increased voter participation, both in candidate selection and in the final election of those who govern; 
  • Secure voter registration and electoral processes that ensure reliable results; and
  • Fair and non-partisan electoral boundaries that respect existing communities.