2018 UDP Harassment Task Force

This ad hoc committee, comprised of Utah Democratic Party leaders and experts listed below, worked on suggested revisions to our Anti-Harassment Policy. Task Force Chair Will Kocher presented the following Harassment Task Force recommendations to the Utah Democratic Party State Central Committee on Wednesday, December 19, 2018.

1. The task force should be reorganized to include County Party officers to examine streamlining a policy that is top down for all Utah Democrats.
2. This group should meet year round on at least a bi-monthly basis.
3. The State Party adopt the Salt Lake County Party Policy and Procedures with edits to align them with the State Party Constitution.
4. A formalized training process should be conducted for all Delegates / Central Committee members.
5. A separate formalized training should be conducted for paid staff and EC members.
6. The reorganized task force examine the use of a formalized statement of values and reporting procedures to be used at meetings. Examples:

“I pledge to conduct myself professionally, with truth, accuracy, fairness, and responsibility to the public and party.  I understand and accept that there is a consequence for misconduct, up to and including membership revocation.”

“I pledge to take a leadership stance when witnessing inappropriate, sexist, ableist, racist language, harassment, behavior that victimizes another such as bullying, groping, assault by notifying a member of party leadership and appropriate authorities when necessary.”

“The Utah Democratic Party is committed to providing an environment free from discrimination and harassment. We ask all meeting participants to embrace our values of equity and equality, and conduct themselves in this meeting consistent with those values. We have designated [DESIGNEE NAME] as the first point of contact for anyone who thinks they have experienced discriminatory, harassing or otherwise unacceptable behavior, and we urge you to contact them if you have any concerns.”


Will Kocher, AFSCME Local 1004 employment representative – SLCo Legislative District 40 Chair


Sheryl Ginsberg, Retired clinical social worker – SLCo Legislative District 36 Vice-Chair

Faeiza Javed, Mental Health Clinical Director – Democrat

Christina Jepson, Employment attorney and adjunct law professor – Democrat

Elaine Navar, Community liaison – Representative Sandra Hollins’ Executive Assistant

Representative Angela Romero, Utah State Legislator – Utah House Democrats Minority Whip

Rebecca Valverde, Child welfare and domestic violence social worker – Utah Democratic Party Executive Committee: Central Regional Coordinator

In 2018, the UDP created a Harassment Task Force for suggestions for revisions to our Anti-Harassment Policy, best practices, and to create recommendations for an updated Campaign Code of Conduct.
October 1-15 Task force applications open
October 16-19 Applications reviewed
October 19-26 Applicants notified
October 28 2-4pm Initial in-person in Cottonwood Heights 84121
October 28-November 3 Working sessions: Anti-Harassment policy
November 4-10 Working sessions: Best practices
November 11-17 Working sessions: Campaign Code of Ethics
November 18-24 Present final recommendations to UDP legal representatives
November 25-December 1 Present final recommendations to UDP Executive Committee for approval to be added to State Central Committee Q4 Agenda
December 19 Harassment Task Force recommendations presented to State Central Committee at the Q4 meeting for approval and adoption
UDP Chair recommends the next State Central Committee meeting be scheduled between 12/17-12/21 in order to include finalized UDP Harassment Task Force suggested recommendations in Q4 agenda and to meet our required 14-day notice.
The purpose of the 2018 Harassment Task Force (ad hoc committee) is to develop suggestions for revisions to our Anti-Harassment Policy, best practices, and to create recommendations for an updated Campaign Code of Conduct. All suggestions will be reviewed by UDP legal representatives, as well as presented to the Executive Committee for approval to submit to the State Central Committee.
Goal is to have final recommendations reviewed and approved/amended by the Executive Committee, in order to have suggestions added to any required documentation required within timeframe for the next State Central Committee agenda to ultimately implement approved practices as quickly as possible.
Each UDP Harassment Task Force committee member is expected to review all materials below and actively participate in at least 75% of all meetings. Failure to meet requirement will result in commitee removal.
Our organization is governed by the following documents, using Robert’s Rules. Any suggestions and/or recommendations must adhere to both the Utah Democratic Party’s Constitution and Bylaws, as well as work within Robert’s Rules, in order to considered for approval.
Robert’s Rules of Order
UDP Constitution
UDP Bylaws
Current Anti-Harassment Policy
Current web-posting regarding party harassment
UDP Code of Conduct **draft**


As of Wednesday, December 19, 2018, the current 2018 Ad Hoc Sexual Harassment Task Force will be restructured into a 2019 Select Committee, as outlined by the Utah Democratic Party’s Constitution, to address the 2018 Sexual Harassment Task Force recommendations and the most recently approved Harassment Policy.