Exec Candidates

Utah Democratic Party State Delegates will be electing a new administration at the 2019 State Organizing Convention on Saturday, June 22, 2019, at Park City High School in Summit County.

Declared candidates for State Party Chair:

Robert Comstock

Robert was born in San Bernardino, near Los Angeles, CA, in 1952.


In his twenties, attended Santa Cruz University, part of University of California system.
At 51 years old, completed a BA in Human Services.
At 53 years old, obtained a MA in Secondary Education


In 1976, at 24 years old, moved to Salt Lake City and for 10 years he was a staff and board of
director member of four faith-based homeless shelters.
In 1987, formed an inter-denominational organization to provide therapeutic programs for at-
risk youth and their families.
In 1992, personally gathered 23,000 signatures for term-limits in Congress.
In 1992, was on the short list for Lt. Governor in Merrill Cook’s gubernatorial campaign.
In 1999, candidate for Salt Lake City Council.
2003-05, Board Member of South West Voter Registration and Education Project. Attended
Voter Registration Colloquium in Washington, DC.
In 2007, candidate for Salt Lake City mayor.
In 2010, was nominator and campaign volunteer for Claudia Wright for US House of
In 2011, ran for State Party Chair, along with Jim Dabakis.
In 2012, ran for Utah State Senate, District 2
From 2012 to 2015, was chair of the Salt Lake County State Democratic Party Education Caucus.


2005 to present, Public Middle Schools teacher
2000 to present, Democratic Party Delegate.

Wayne Holland

Bio pending

Jeff Merchant

A native-born Utahn, a life-long Democrat, an attorney, and a small business owner, I have a strong belief in Democratic policy, but also the budget, campaign, fundraising, and leadership skills to harness our party’s energy in preparation for 2020.

Becky Moss

Democrat – supporter of Identity and Issue caucuses, Chair of Utah Stonewall Democrats
Activist & Community Service – KRCL Radio, YWCA, ACLU, Girl Scouts and many more
I would like to lead the Utah Democratic Party forward and with compassion.

Daisy Thomas

Since her election as Utah Democratic Party Chair, Daisy travels the state and nation engaging community leaders & activists, speaking about civic engagement and democratic policies and priorities, and leading UDP into a new era of political power.

Declared candidates for State Party Vice-Chair:

Kathie Darby

Bio pending

Deb Henry

A long-time advocate for union values + coalition-building, Deb is Chair of State Progressives + serves on Finance Com. Deb teaches continuing ed at SLCC in solar engineering + wants to focus on streamlining tools for counties, candidates and staff.

Nadia Mahallati

I teach political science and public administration at the U and serve as legal counsel for the SLCo Dem Party. As VC, I’ll make sure everyone is heard, their contributions valued, and that we all play by the rules. Facebook.com/NadiaforUDPViceChair

F. Jay Seegmiller

Ran for SH 49 2004 against Greg Curtis received 47% of the vote
Ran for SH 49 2006 against Speaker Greg Curtis lost by 19 votes
Ran for SH 49 2008 against Speaker Greg Curtis Won with 55% of the vote
Ran for CD 2 against Stewart 2012 lost

Archie A. Williams III

I have been a Democrat for over 30 years.

Declared candidates for State Party Secretary:

Michael Bryant

Elected State Party Secretary in 2019, Michael has strived to promote inclusion, collaboration and transparency within the UDP to further our mission as the party for all people.

Michael brings the experience of a large business leader, a state caucus vice chair and an LGBTQ millennial in their 30’s to the table. Michael humbly asks for your vote to allow him to continue the mission of inclusion, collaboration and transparency.

Julie Camara

Retired special educator and counselor for Nebo School District
B Y U Psychology
S U U Special Education 1-12 Regular education 1-6
University of Phoenix Counselor
U of U Psychologist

James Kelley

My name is James Kelley and I would like to run for Secretary of State for the State Democratic Party. I am a Utah native born in Ogden and raised in Bountiful/ I have been a member if the Democratic Party since I was eighteen years old and I am now 47 years old. I have a degree in Business Management from the University of Utah. I believe that I can bring my experience and energy at working on the grassroots level to the State Party level. I want Utah Democrats to succeed and win elections in Utah which I believe we can. I respectfully submit my name for this position.

Liam Lohan

At this crucial period in our history I have decided to dedicate myself to the proliferation and achievement of the ideals we as Democrats hold. I have specific and realistic plans that will enable the Democratic Party to gain traction in Utah.

Katherine Torres

I am a hardworking, passionate and organized Utah Democrat who is ready to serve all of Utah and do my part to ensure that more Democrats are elected. Thank you for your consideration!

Declared candidates for State Party Treasurer:

Sheila Srivastava

Sheila Srivastava has worked in the accounting industry for 25 years specializing in tax, audit and most recently focusing on CFO Consulting services for clients in the profit and non-profit sectors. Sheila’s specialties include financial accounting, audit readiness, government grant compliance, strategic planning, budgeting, forensic accounting, and facilitating communication between Management and Board.

Sheila has deep roots in and a strong commitment to Utah. She grew up in Holden and received her Bachelor of Science in Accounting from the University of Utah. Early in her
career, she worked for two local accounting firms before starting her own successful business. While starting her career, she raised two children and served on the Parent Teacher Associations of their schools. She volunteered with the Girl Scouts of Utah for nine years, with service ranging from the troop level to national representation for GSUSA. She currently serves as a volunteer on the credit committee of the Utah Microenterprise Loan Fund and recently became a member of the Utah Housing Coalition.

Sheila is passionate about many political issues including affordable housing, healthcare for all, women’s equality and tax policy to name a few. Sheila advocated for the Death with Dignity bill sponsored by Rebecca Chavez-Houck.

Dixie Weeks

Utah Lic. Social Service Worker
Utah Lic. Environmental Health Scientist
USDA Lic. Agric. Inspector
Bachelor’s of Science
Associates Degree in Environmental Health
Over 1 year in Accounting at SLCC

Specifics outlining the roles of each of the above-listed positions are located within our Constitution and Bylaws. The 2017-2019 (current) Executive Committee roster can be viewed here.

Additional Elected Member positions on the State Executive Committee that will be voted upon at the 2019 Utah Democratic Party State Convention are:

Chair of Chairs, who is elected by the County Chairs and Vice Chairs to serve as their voice and vote on the State Executive Committee.

Chair of Issue Caucuses, who is elected by the State Party Caucus Chairs and Vice Chairs to serve as their voice and vote on the State Executive Committee.

Voting Member positions on the State Executive Committee without elections at this time:

DNC National Committeewoman and DNC National Committeeman elections occur at the 2020 Utah Democratic Party State Convention. These positions are four-year term commitments in which two members of opposite genders are elected to represent Utah to the Democratic National Committee. These positions were elected at the 2016 Utah Democratic Party State Convention and are currently held by the Honorable Jenny Wilson and Charles Stormont.

House Representative a position that is held by an elected or appointed representative of the Utah House Democratic Caucus. It is currently held by Representative Jennifer Dailey-Provost (SLC).

Senate Representative is a position that is held by an elected or appointed representative of the Utah Senate Democratic Caucus. It is currently held by Jon Hennington.