2019 UDP Harassment Task Force


The creation of this Select Committee was approved by the UDP State Central Committee at the 2018 Q4 State Central Committee meeting on 12/19/18, under UDP BYLAWS ARTICLE IX, SECTION 1


This Select Committee of the Utah Democratic Party is to be composed of Utah Democratic Party members. This committee will work on suggested revisions to our currently Anti-Harassment policy, best practices, a statement of values, and create recommendations for an updated Code of Conduct. Additionally, the Harassment Task Force will be responsible for researching information about how anti-harassment policies and procedures have helped organizations protect both employees or volunteers and the organizations, as well as planning and executing monthly trainings on various harassment issues and topics through June 2019.

Statement of Values Examples:

“I pledge to conduct myself professionally, with truth, accuracy, fairness, and responsibility to the public and party.  I understand and accept that there is a consequence for misconduct, up to and including membership revocation.”

“I pledge to take a leadership stance when witnessing inappropriate, sexist, ableist, racist language, harassment, behavior that victimizes another such as bullying, groping, assault by notifying a member of party leadership and appropriate authorities when necessary.”

“The Utah Democratic Party is committed to providing an environment free from discrimination and harassment. We ask all meeting participants to embrace our values of equity and equality, and conduct themselves in this meeting consistent with those values. We have designated [DESIGNEE NAME] as the first point of contact for anyone who thinks they have experienced discriminatory, harassing or otherwise unacceptable behavior, and we urge you to contact them if you have any concerns.”


The Harassment Task Force was created in 2018 as an ad hoc committee, comprised of Utah Democratic Party leaders and experts, who worked on suggested revisions to our Anti-Harassment Policy.  2018 Harassment Task Force recommendations were approved and adopted at the 2018 Q4 State Central Committee meeting held in Central Region. The committee was then restructured into a Select Committee.


Goal is to execute monthly harassment trainings and have any recommendations on the most current Anti-Harassment Policy to the State Central Committee, as well as suggestions for approved best practices as soon as reasonable (Mid to late Spring)

Example schedule:

    • January 3 – Sexual Harassment Training – Facilitated by the Utah Department of Labor at UDP HQ, Obama Training Room, 7pm
    • February TBD – Teleconference meeting
    • February 23 – Q1 2019 State Central Committee Meeting  – Brief update on Harassment Task Force will be presented. Harassment Task Force member attendance optional, but welcome
    • February 28 – Racial Discrimination & Harassment Training – Facilitated by the Utah Department of Labor at UDP HQ, Obama Training Room, 7pm
    • March  – Working Session
    • March 29 – Disability Discrimination & Harassment Training
    • April – Working Session
    • May 3 – Harassment Task Force Meeting –  UDP HQ, Obama Training Room, 3-5pm
    • May TBA – Religious Discrimination & Harassment Training
    • May 20 Q2 2019 State Central Committee Meeting
    • June TBA – Meeting
    • June TBA – Assertiveness Training
    • June 22 – 2019 Utah Democratic Party State Organizing Convention


$0.00. The establishing motion did not include a Budgetary request.


Per Article IX of the UDP Bylaws, membership of the Select Committees shall be appointed within thirty days following the creation of the Select Committee by the State Chair, with membership to be comprised of 50% Salt Lake County and 50% All other counties, per Establishing Motion. 

Kenneth Grimes, SLCo

Josh Hardy, Box Elder

Elisabeth Luntz, Utah

Darlene McDonald, SLCo

Meaghan Miller, Summit / Wasatch

Eric Strindberg, SLCo

Jeremy Young, Washington