2020 UDP Secretary Opening

We have an opening on our State Executive Committee. The position of Secretary, to be filled at the April 25, 2020 State Organizing Convention, is now open:


  • Keep the minutes of all meetings of the State Convention, State Central Committee and State Executive Committee.
  • Establish the filing system and ensure the maintenance of the files necessary for the proper functioning of the Utah State Democratic Party.
  • Receive personally, or in care of the Utah State Democratic Party at its Headquarters and acknowledge filing of candidacy for State Executive Office and National Delegate.
  • Authorize the registration and election procedures at meetings of the State Executive Committee, State Central Committee, and State Conventions, if not a candidate.
  • Serve as a liaison to the Lieutenant Governor of the State of Utah on all matters relating to the Utah State Democratic Party’s relationship with the State of Utah, whose duties may be assigned by the Secretary to the State Executive Director.
  • File reports including, but not limited to, those required by the Democratic National Committee, Democratic Presidential Campaigns, other Democratic candidate committees, State, County and Local authorities, as appropriate, on any subject and in any manner required. 
  • Maintain lists of the officers of County Democratic Parties and to require them to file their list of precinct caucus attenders and current governing documents with the Utah State Democratic Party, and to report the County Democratic Parties that are not in compliance with these reporting requirements to the State Central Committee.


  • Any qualified member of the Utah Democratic Party desiring to fill this vacancy will be allowed to file a Statement of Candidacy with the Executive Director, Matthew Patterson, by email mpatterson@utdem.org from Tuesday, March 24 through Tuesday, April 6, 2020.
  • Please include a statement of candidacy (200 word limit), and include a picture and contact info. This will be posted on the UDP website for state delegates to peruse.   

The State Convention will be convened on Saturday, April 25th, to elect a person to fill the Secretary role (UDP Bylaws, lines 469-484). 

  • Each voting State delegate will be allowed to cast ONE VOTE.
  • The person receiving the highest amount of votes will be elected Secretary.
  • In the case of a tie, (two or more persons receiving an equal amount of votes), the tie will be decided by lot (UDP Bylaws, Article 4, Section 4ii).