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Governing Documents

The Utah Democratic Party is governed by its constitution, bylaws, and any other policies adopted by its Central Committee.


We, the Democrats of the Great State of Utah, united in common purpose, acknowledge that we are a party of enduring strength, and that we must lead, guided by those we lead. These principles are essential to the democracy our country’s forefathers set forth.


We dedicate ourselves to seek individual freedom in the framework of a just society, and political freedom through meaningful participation by all citizens.


Read the constitution in full.


The bylaws of the Utah Democratic Party include Six Basic Elements of an Open Party, Regional Organizations, Conventions, Central Committee and Standing Sub-committees, Executive Committee, Standing and Select Committees, and Issue and Identity Caucuses.


Read the bylaws in full.


This platform was approved by State Delegates during the 2022 Utah Democratic Party State Convention.


What Utah Democrats Believe


The Big Tent. We affirm that the Democratic Party is the Big Tent, open to all Utahns who share our fundamental values. We believe that our shared humanity transcends our differences. As Democrats, we will work together toward a better state and country for everyone.


Read the platform in full.

Anti-harassment Policy

Allegations of harassment can be both sensitive and complex. At all times, the emotional and physical safety of the individuals involved is paramount. All proceedings held and reports generated under this policy are to be kept confidential, excepting those communications made by a participant to an individual’s spouse, physician, mental health therapist, legal counsel, or cleric, and not unto him/her or them unless also bound by the same understanding of confidentiality. Any violation of this confidentiality requirement may be the subject of a complaint under this policy.


Read the Anti-Harassment Policies & Procedures in full.

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