Anthony Sudweeks – HD49 Candidate

I’m a democrat because I believe that every American should have the opportunity to obtain a great education, a decent job, and affordable healthcare. I also believe that the country’s economy is built by and dependent upon the health and success of the American middle class.

Anthony is an elementary school teacher and principal who grew up in Sandy. He’s spent his entire career fighting for Utah kids, and he knows what our students and what our public education system needs to thrive in the 21st century. After working for years in the Salt Lake City School District, he founded the Wallace Stegner Academy, a high performing, non-profit, charter school designed to prepare low-income kids for college.

Utah faces many hurdles such as air pollution, affordable health care, and an education system that is being starved of the basic funding our students need. As a pragmatic leader, Anthony will look for solutions and build partnerships to tackle these problems head on.