Daisy Thomas

Candidate for State Party Chair


As Utah Democratic Party Chair for the past two years, Daisy Thomas has presided over more growth in the Democratic Party than Utah has seen since the 1990s—three State House seats, one State Senate seat, and a seat in the US Congress have turned blue during Daisy’s tenure.

Daisy moved to Utah with her husband and three children in the fall of 2015. In just 20 months, Daisy was able to build a reputation as a unifying political leader in the party and was elected Utah Democratic Party Chair in 2017, while expecting Baby Jack.

As the daughter of a Filipino immigrant, Daisy served as Secretary of both the Salt Lake County and State Asian-American Pacific Islander Caucus. As a National Delegate for Bernie Sanders representing Congressional District 3 in the 2016 Presidential Campaign, Daisy served as Secretary of the Salt Lake County Progressive Caucus and Vice-Chair of the State Progressive Caucus. Daisy worked on the 2017 Utah Democratic Party platform and fought to include progressive planks such collective bargaining rights, universal healthcare, medical cannabis, and universal childcare.

Since her election as Utah Democratic Party Chair, Daisy has traveled the state and nation engaging community leaders, activists, and organizations, speaking at rallies and colleges about civic engagement and Democratic policies.

Daisy also serves as an active member of the Association of State Democratic Committee’s Western Region Caucus, the Democratic National Committee Asian American and Pacific Islander Caucus, the Democratic National Committee Women’s Caucus, and the Democratic National Committee Interfaith Council.