Eleanor Roosevelt Nominations 2019

We need your help! Nominate the next recipient of the Eleanor Roosevelt Award from the Utah Democratic Party.

We are excited to receive nominations for the 2019 Eleanor Roosevelt award. A committee comprised of past recipients will chose the recipient of the award. This person will be a long-standing member of the Democratic party. Please fill out the form at the link provided and include any information that you want the committee to know. Nominations will be accepted until Friday October 4, 2019.

Make your nomination here.

The Eleanor Roosevelt Award is a tradition that bestows an honor in the name of a legendary Democrat and humanitarian. The recipient of this award will personify courage, compassion, and dedication. Eleanor Roosevelt knew that a women’s involvement in politics was crucial.

Past award recipients are: Beverly White, Beverly Saathoff, Lucy Beth Rampton, ShaRon Nelson, Helen James, Louise Henson, Fae Beck, Norma Matheson, Rosa Vida Black, Jan Graham, Judy Ann Buffmire, Karen Shepherd, Esther Lands, Paula Julander, Robyn Matheson, Annette Cumming, Karen Hale, Susan Kuziak, Karen Mayne, Sherrie Swensen, Patrice Arent, The Women’s Democratic Club, Meghan Holbrook, Patricia Jones, JoAnn Seghini, Jill Remington Love, Carol Spackman Moss, Rebecca Chavez-Houck, and Josie Valdez.

Which Democratic woman do you want to nominate?

Eleanor Roosevelt Luncheon will be Monday, November 18. We will send you more information about the luncheon in early October. Thank you!