Executive Appointments 2019

With the new administration of the Utah Democratic Party comes dozens of vacancies for appointed positions for which we are now soliciting applications (due July 18 at 5 pm). These positions include:

2 members of the Executive Committee: Expected to attend Executive Committee meetings twice a month and perform other duties as assigned.

4 Regional Coordinators: One person from each of the four regions to serve as a liaison between the county parties and the Executive Committee and assist county party officers, as described in the bylaws (lines 72-92), and are also expected to attend executive meetings twice a month.

29 members of the Rules Standing Committee: Duties include drafting convention rules, monitoring compliance with rules, and other duties as described in the bylaws (lines 105-124 and 729-755). Preference is given to former National Delegates, members of the State Central Committee, or state delegates. This Committee meets as necessary.

7 members of the Judicial Standing Committee: Duties include resolving intra-party disputes, recommending resolutions for failures to comply with rules, and other duties as described in the bylaws (lines 757-776). Preference is given to members of the Utah State Bar Association and members of the state central committee.

8 appointed at-large members of the State Central Committee: To increase diversity and representation and are expected to attend quarterly meetings throughout the state.

Complete descriptions can be found in the Bylaws: https://utahdemocrats.org/constitution-bylaws/.

Apply now. Applications are due July 18 at 5 pm.