Filing – Treasurer

Filing is now open to fill the position of Treasurer of the Utah Democratic Party. The filing period will be open from Friday, May 13th until Friday, May 27th, and will be voted on at a special meeting of the Central Committee on Saturday, June 11th.




-To receive and disburse all funds of the Utah State Democratic Party


-To prepare and present an annual budget for the Utah State Democratic Party on or before the first of February of each year for submission to the state Executive Committee who may amend it prior to submission to the State Central Committee which must approve the budget by the fifteenth day of April of each year


-To prepare and present all necessary financial reports, as required herein, by Utah State statutes, and the Federal Election Commission


-To submit a recommendation of a person to review the accounts of the Utah State Democratic Party to be selected by the State Executive Committee, and to obtain any professional assistance necessary in performance of the financial duties of the office


-To authorize the State Chair and State Executive Director as his or her agents for the disbursement of funds and for submission of financial reports