Nominate for Multi-County House District Chair

At the 2023 organizing convention, delegates will elect 14 multi-county House District Chairs to serve for a two year term.


Duties of a House District Chair:

  • Serves as a Delegate and a Central Committee Member
  • Work with County Party to Run Neighborhood Caucus Night
  • Help the Recruitment Subcommittee identify candidates for their house district. 
  • Informs voters in their respective District on the rules and procedures of the Democratic Party, and Precinct Caucuses
  • Knows the Democrats in the Precincts comprising their District
  • Attends trainings to build skills in grassroots organizing
  • Work with the County Party Officers in disseminating information to Precincts within the House District
  • Meets and/or communicates regularly with Precinct officers within the House District
  • Seeks, encourages, and actively promotes qualified candidates from their respective House District
  • Directs activities toward election of all Democratic candidates, disseminating information for these campaigns to all Precincts and Voters in their respective House District
  • Works to conduct canvasses in their district prior to elections

Nominations are open starting March 18th. You can nominate a candidate using the link below:

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