Hour Party

We Demand a Better Future

We are asking those who support us for one thing. One hour’s worth of your time or money every month. Let’s come together and build hour party.

Hour Party will hold an event every month. Some months we’ll do something fun, like a craft night or a political movie. Some months we’ll do something educational, like a forum on Clean Air. Other months might have a political bent, like a voter registration drive. Finally, sometimes we’ll do community work, like a night volunteering for the Burrito Project. And we’ll be taking these events on the road to make sure no one is left out.

Ultimately, through your commitment to the Party and the time spent together fostering community each month, we will build Hour Party.

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Tentative Schedule for the Next Year:


May: The Unwritten Rules of Campaign Management

June: Burrito Project Volunteering

July: Blue Wave Craft night

August: Know your voting rights training

September: Rest Your Weary Canvassing Feet: Pedicure night

October: Serving dinner at Road Home

November: Post-election new winners Q and A

December: Effective conversations with your legislators

January: Wag the Dog screening

February: Making dog toys to donate to Humane Society

March: Non-Violent Direct Action training

April: Bowling night

Watch this space for coming announcements about events.