Utah Democrats Applaud Signing of Historic Inflation Reduction Act

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SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH, August 16, 2022 — This afternoon, President Biden officially signed the Inflation Reduction Act into law. This is a historic win for families across the country and our state.

This bill will take important action to cut costs, reduce inflation, lower the price of prescription drugs, and fight back against the climate crisis, all while bringing down the deficit.

“Republicans love to use the pain that families are feeling from inflation to score political points, but when it came time to actually do something to lower costs, reduce the deficit, and invest in American energy security, they all voted no,” said Utah Democratic Party Chair Diane Lewis. “In the last year and a half, Democrats have passed bills to fight the pandemic, rebuild our roads and bridges, reduce gun violence, honor our promises to veterans, invest in American manufacturing, and now to fight inflation and lower costs for working families. Republicans talk. Democrats get things done.

Every Republican representing Utah in Congress voted against this bill, and we’re not surprised: while Democrats are fighting to cut costs and support families, Republicans have been proposing a radical agenda of tax increases on working Americans and cuts to Social Security and Medicare. They are out of step with Utahns, and that is why it  is so important that we elect Democrats at every level this November.


The Utah Democratic Party is the face and voice of Democrats in the State of Utah. We believe that Utahns deserve strong, competent leadership that puts the people and democracy first. 

For more information, contact Ben Anderson at press@utdem.org or +1 (801) 830-0645.

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