Jake Penrod – State Senate 21 Nominee

Jake Penrod has made history both in his personal time, and now starting as a politician, with his campaign that started with a fight for his right to even run for office. The Davis County Clerk’s office turned him away twice, telling him that he was too young to file his candidacy. Jake didn’t settle for their conservative interpretation of the state statue. With the help of his Campaign Manager, members of the Utah State Democratic Party, and a few experienced volunteers, he was able to prove to the Lt. Governor’s Office that he should be able to file to run for Utah State Senator in District 21, making him the youngest and first openly gay candidate to run for this seat. As an active volunteer in his community, you can find him dressed up as McGruff the Crime Dog, or teaching self defense classes for local teachers, church groups, and the LGBTQIA+ community. He also serves as the Vice Chair of the Davis County Democratic Party. You will most commonly see Jake Coaching Wrestling at Syracuse Jr High, and at Clearfield High School; Where is the only openly gay wrestling coach in the state and possibly the country at the jr high and high school level. He lives in Layton with his husband and their 2 dogs. He cannot wait to connect with the community he loves and looks forward to representing. Lets get new leaders, new ideas, and new solutions into politics!