Joshua Hardy – State House District 1 Nominee

A Voice for the People

I am running for office this year because I feel that we, in District 1, are not being represented and our voices are not being heard. We need change and we need it now! I am willing to fight for your vote. I will represent the people of District 1 and I will be “A Voice For The People!”

I was born in Brigham City in 1980 and raised in Corinne. I graduated with honors from Box Elder High School in 1999. I am an Army Veteran. I married my wife Amber in November 2003. I attended Utah State University and finished my Associate’s Degree in Global Travel and Hospitality Management online at Kaplan University in 2010. I have
traveled the United States, throughout Canada, and Europe. I have volunteered for numerous political events, candidates, and also campaigned for National Delegate Congressional District 1 in 2016 for Bernie Sanders.

Please visit my web page at You can sign up to volunteer and there is also a button to donate to my campaign as well. My campaign email is feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. 385-264-5192 or 385-264-5186