Kent Moon – CD3 Candidate

I am a democrat because Utah Values, such as caring for our neighbors, ensuring opportunities, good stewardship, honesty, fairness and compassion, are the basis of Democratic issues and why I am a proud Utah Democrat.

Kent Moon is running to bring Utah Values to Washington.

Kent and the Moon family have a deep history in Utah, starting on the fourth wagon train into the Salt Lake Valley. After serving an LDS mission in New Zealand, Kent graduated from the University of Utah and began working for the U.S. Small Business Administration.

Through his career in the federal government and later in the private sector, Kent’s vision and leadership was instrumental in providing thousands of women, people of color, and veterans with the funding to start and develop their businesses. After retiring in 2013, Kent has enjoyed spending time with his wife, Tracy, three children and seven grandchildren.

Kent’s background and experience allow him to connect with everyday Utahns of all backgrounds and can effectively communicate Utah Values beyond our Democratic Party base. The party of Trump is indefensible and now is the time for a Democrat to fight for Utah Values. Kent Moon is the Democrat who can win.


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