Kotter Casts Baffling Lone ‘No’ Vote on State Budget Bill

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SALT LAKE CITY, March 3, 2023 — This evening, the Utah Senate and House of Representatives both voted on SB 3, the final appropriations bill which funds the state government for the next year. Across both chambers and both parties, exactly one legislator voted against the bill: Republican Rep. Quinn Kotter.

“To close out his first session in the legislature, Quinn Kotter took perhaps his most baffling vote yet: out of 104 legislators of both parties, he was the only one to vote against the state budget,” said Chair Diane Lewis. “Let’s be clear about what that means: Rep. Kotter voted against keeping the lights on at state agencies, against funding countless vital services that Utahns rely on, and against any funding for any bill passed by the legislature this year. With this vote, Rep. Kotter has made clear that he is not at the Capitol to serve his constituents, but to put himself in the spotlight.


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