Lee Castillo – CD1 Nominee

I am a democrat because believe in equality and justice for all. I have been the marginalized, oppressed and discounted and hope to make sure no one has to feel that way again; we live in a great nation where all people have an rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.


Lee Castillo is follower of Jesus Christ and His teachings about love.  A dedicated father and family man with the best son, nieces and nephews.  Native born to Utah, raised in Layton Utah, he attended public schools and graduated from Layton High Class of 1995.

Summer of 1995 he moved into the dorms of Weber State University a member of, “Quest.”  A program designed to help disadvantaged, low income or minority students that showed promise and introduced them to the college atmosphere.

Lee lost his way and left WSU. He believed the lies that he wasn’t deserving of God’s love and salvation, was a second-class citizen and began to waiver in his foundational beliefs. Through many struggles he got back on track and now helps others who face struggles.

Lee graduated with a Masters of Social Work (University of Utah). He has dedicated his life to God and to his purpose of serving others. He is proud to have served as a civilian at HAFB, Division of Child and Family Services and currently is a clinician at the Utah State Hospital serving the mentally ill through the county jails in Northern Utah. For years he has volunteered for those in need.