Mark Chambers – SD28 Nominee

I am a democrat because I believe in cultivating inclusion, promoting equality for all, respecting differing voices, and working together to find solutions.

I am a fifth generation Utahan, born and raised in Salt Lake City. Nine years ago I settled in Springdale. Since then, I have served on the Springdale Town Council, Secondary Water Advisory Board and the Southwest Mosquito Abatement Board.

As the Ticketing Director for the Sundance Film Festival, Utah Symphony and Opera, and ArtTix I gained a strong fiscal background, tracking more than $15 million in ticket sales annually, managing budgets over $800,000, and supervising workforces of more than 50 employees. I worked closely with the Salt Lake County auditor, attorney, treasurer and elected officials. I served on the Board of Directors of the Salt Lake Visitor’s Bureau, the International Ticketing Association, and Z-Arts.

As a native of this beautiful state, I stand firmly on the principal that federal lands should remain federally, and not state, controlled.

I believe that the availability of affordable health care and a well-funded public education system are necessary to ensure our prosperous future; especially for those in rural communities.

In the interest of truly serving local constituents, I would work for legislative decisions about issues such as outdoor signage and VRBOs be at the municipal level not the state.