Mark Wheatley – State House District 35 Nominee (Incumbent)

Representative Wheatley has the experience you can trust.  He was first elected in 2007 and has served for 14 years fighting to protect and strengthen our families. He has built strong relationships with fellow legislators from both parties.  He has worked to dissolve partisan politics to get things done for YOU. He believes strong families are the foundation for a strong community

He voted to keep our neighborhoods and families safe from criminal elements which harm our community.  This session, he secured $100,000 for drug addiction/ mental health programs at the University of Utah.  He supported legislation for smaller class sizes and funding for teachers. He supported tax reform benefitting Utah families and small businesses, not just large corporations.  He voted to raise the minimum wage so working families can provide for their loved ones. He supported health care reform. He supported bills to protect older citizens and their homes.  He voted in support of legislation for veterans. He promoted funding for Salt Lake County Aging Services. He supported bills promoting clean air, water and open space.

Currently, he serves on the following committees:  Higher Education Appropriations Subcommittee; House Business and Labor Committee; House Ethics Committee;  House Judiciary Committee;  Business and Labor Interim Committee;  Judiciary Interim Committee;  Administrative Rules Review Committee.