Megan Wiesen – HD50 Candidate

I am a democrat because I believe in responsible decisions that support the family, in compassion and in personal and social responsibility.
Mother of 5 amazing children and one amazing granddaughter. I married my sweetheart 27 years ago after meeting him while attending Utah State University. My master’s program focused on social change and cultural diversity. My clinical post graduate work focused on child and family protection using a neighborhood model of child protection. My career in state government gave me experience in grassroots organization and management work with the Mayor’s office, Police department, schools, community centers and organizations that assisted families in being able to meet the needs of their family. Later, my work in the foster and adoption community taught me how to work with children and families who had fallen through the cracks. When we work together to meet the needs of those around us we make our homes, our neighborhoods and our communities safer and healthier for everyone.