Michael Bryant

Candidate for State Party Secretary


Elected State Party Secretary in 2019, Michael has strived to promote inclusion, collaboration and transparency within the UDP to further our mission as the party for all people.

Michael brings the experience of a large business leader, a state caucus vice chair and an LGBTQ millennial in their 30s to the table. Michael humbly asks for your vote to allow him to continue the mission of inclusion, collaboration and transparency.


It has been an honor and a privilege to be your State Party Secretary. If re-elected, my goal will be to continue to create a streamlined process to distribute relevant information to anyone who needs it. Whenever they need it, wherever they need it (meaning all of Utah’s 29 counties!). I want to draw on my experience as a business leader to create a transparent, cross-channel communication strategy to improve information sharing as well as accountability for its availability.

I recently served as Secretary for the Salt Lake County Constitution Revision Committee. The group was tasked with rewriting and improving the Salt Lake County constitution. Collectively we spent hundreds of hours, on a granular level, to improve and standardize the Constitution. The degree of skill and attention to detail required to be successful in that role makes me well suited to be our next State Secretary.

I currently serve as Vice Chair for the Utah Stonewall Democrats. During my time with USD we have managed to significantly increase membership participation and awareness in multiple online spaces. I’d like to apply those skills as Secretary to do the same for the UDP.

I thank you for your consideration and humbly ask for your support.