Ellen Brady

Public Platform and Policy Subcommittee Chair


I am a Utah Democrat who has long believed that the Democratic values of inclusion and compassion are also Utah’s values—a commitment the Salt Lake County party recognized when it gave me the Democratic Values Award in 2015.

My journey began in 2007 when I realized it was not enough to be on the sidelines: if I wanted to see change, I needed to be involved. Accordingly, I became a Precinct Chair and then won election as Legislative District Chair  for HD 46. In that role, I built a dedicated base of involved volunteers. I also spent many weekends in Colorado knocking on doors for both Obama campaigns; it was an honor to serve as his National Delegate in 2012.

Professionally I am a recently retired physician who also has a Master’s Degree in Public Health (MPH). Most of my career focused on the planning and oversight of the clinical trials needed to gain FDA approval of new drugs. More recently, I provided ‘due diligence’ reports to clients who wished to invest in companies with promising new products. That background honed my ability to see both the important details and “big picture”; it also helped me develop expertise in the planning and execution of complex projects.

As Secretary to the Executive Committee, I pledge to put my “feet-on-the ground” experience, the talents honed in my professional life, and my newly-liberated time as a retiree toward the election of more Democrats. I am committed to helping to build the Salt Lake County Democrats with diversity and inclusion. Only by returning to our roots as the “big tent” we will make inroads into Utah’s current system of one-party governance.