Jani Iwamoto - Utah Democrat

Jani Iwamoto

State Senator, Senate District 4

Salt Lake City, Millcreek

Email: jiwamoto@le.utah.gov
Cell Phone: 801-580-8414
Home: 801-274-0496

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Jani Iwamoto is one of five democrats in the Utah State Senate. She previously served on the Salt Lake County Council, becoming the first Asian American woman to be elected in the state of Utah.

Jani received a degree in Mass Communications (Magna Cum Laude) from the University of Utah and law degree from the University of California at Davis. She was a partner in a prominent California law firm. She has also been involved in many bar-related boards and projects. In Utah, Governor Huntsman, Jr. appointed her to the Court of Appeals Judicial Nominating Commission.

As a state senator, Jani serves on the following committees: Appropriations Subcommittees – Public Education, and Executive Offices & Criminal Justice; Standing and Interim Committees – Natural Resources, Agriculture & Environment, Economic Development & Work Force Services, and Government Operations (interim only); Ethics Committee; Other Committee Assignments – Federal Funds Commission, Charter School Funding Task Force, Native American Legislative Liaison Committee, State Water Development Committee and Utah Constitutional Revision Commission. In addition, Jani serves on various confirmation committees, Emergency Medical Services Committee (EMSC), The Utah State Instructional Materials Access Center (USIMAC Utah Schools for the Deaf and the Blind).

Jani has been active in environmental issues including opposing high-level nuclear waste, supporting efforts to prohibit foreign waste and the storage of depleted uranium. Jani was also appointed by Gov. Jon Huntsman, Jr. (and re-apppointed by Governor Gary Herbert) to the Central Utah Water Conservancy District Board of Trustees), and has since been involved in numerous water issues, including preservation and water quality efforts. She also sits on the Salt Lake Public Utilities Advisory Committee.

Passionate about children’s issues, Jani has received awards for her safety efforts, and implemented and taught radKIDS, a safety empowerment program. Jani initiated a community collaboration project that created a threeacre schoolyard/refugee garden. Jani has served on the boards of Voices for Utah Children, the Bennion Center at the University of Utah, and Primary Children’s Hospital and Discovery Gateway Children’s Museum.

Jani has worked to preserve ethnic communities and promote diversity. While on the SLCo Council, she cosponsored non-discrimination ordinances for housing and employment. She has served on National and other non-profit boards for low-income and no-income minorities, the Asian Association of Utah’s Executive Board, Japanese Community Preservation Committee (VP) and other committees supporting ethnic communities. Civil Rights, including anti-discrimination, have been part of her legal practice and private efforts. Jani was a founding member of The Asian Pacific American Women’s Leadership Institute. Recently, Jani spoke on a panel for The New American Leadership Project, which “celebrated, workshopped and trained immigrant leaders from the hallowed halls of the White House to the Newseum to George Washington University.” (NALP)
Issues surrounding the elderly and veterans are a top priority. She has served on SLCo Council for Aging and been involved in various projects including Millcreek Community Center and Lions Club. Jani and her husband Steve reside in Salt Lake City with their two children.