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Robert A. Dekker


Millard County

Phone: (435) 743-5302 (Fillmore)
             (435) 864-2755 (Delta)

Sheriff’s Website

Like much of the world, we are learning, and hope in the future to provide for you most services that in the past may have required either a stop at the sheriff’s office, a letter or telephone call. Our goal is to be more interactive with the people we serve.

We are proud of our office and our employees are here to serve you and have been trained to do the job asked of them. The law enforcement world is becoming more technologically advanced. We face new challenges as we deal with the many concerns we have in our communities. It is my goal to keep you better informed of our efforts in crime prevention and to provide you easier access to the Millard County Sheriff’s Office.

You can contact me at the Sheriff’s Office or by e-mail. It is a pleasure to serve you!