Pat Vaughn – SD 26 Candidate

I’m running as a democrat because it is the party of inclusion. We know
that our differences make us stronger and believe in the power of
collaboration and compromise to accomplish a greater good.













In the 2018 election, relevant experience matters. Pat has the right experience and is ready to lead the district into the future. She is capable, committed, and best of all caring!

As a business profession, Pat has been a leader in the field of Human Resources – the people business for 25 years.  Her experience includes Disney, Cisco, Deer Valley and USSA (Ski Association). She has had her own business and knows the pains of changing business cycles.

Pat worked under Governor Jon Huntsman and believes Economic Development is the common thread between all the counties because it means jobs and prosperity. When communities prosper, people prosper. She is the only candidate in this district race that has brought millions of dollars into the state for workforce opportunities.

As a 1st generation graduate, Pat knows the impact education makes to a person’s life and family.  Giving back, she is faculty, teacher, and coach to many underprivileged students and women.

Pat, her husband Jim, and several four legged members of the family have been residents of Senate District 26 for nearly 20 years.  While she loves living in Utah, she misses her adult family living in Albany, New York. Jim, who gives tours at Olympic Park, was voted #1 Bus Driver in Park City for 2017.  

Pat plans to work for District 26 to increase the quality of life for ALL PEOPLE in Senate District 26.  

  • Economy/Jobs     • Education/Future    • Environment/Preservation