Candidate for State Senate District 18

Why Politics? That’s a big question. In 2017, my son Chandler died by suicide. It impacted how I see the world and definitely defined how I should focus on making the world a better place. My family is impacted by mental health challenges, increased higher education costs, traffic congestion, poor air quality, and now inflation.


For the last 20 years we have witnessed unprecedented growth, particularly in the Southwest Valley. In my city, we grew from 5,000 to 60,000 residents. Our Legislators should be both concerned and address the growth continued housing and growth issues by appropriately managing our tax dollars.


I’ll put in the time and effort to make a difference for our community because I care about the people who live here. I’m a Utahn, your neighbor, and with your support, our Senator in the Utah Legislature.



Facebook: Catherine Voutaz, UT Senate District 18

Instagram: @ctaz66

Twitter: @CatherineVoutaz

2022 Candidates (State Senate)
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