Candidate for State House District 62

I’m a stay-at-home dad to two little girls, Sophia and Christina, and I am running for their futures. Our kids deserve better schools, not the least-funded in the US. They deserve clean air to breathe, not worse air quality than L.A.’s. Our kids deserve a stable water supply, not a dried-out Great Salt Lake. And they deserve stronger families around them who can afford to live in Utah. To achieve all this, they need a State House Representative who has better priorities than vanity license plates. I am running to be that Representative. I have the most flappable district in Utah County, and I know how to get the votes I need to win. My name is Daniel Craig Friend, and I’m asking for your support!

Website: www.friendforutah.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/friendforutah

Twitter: www.twitter.com/friendforutah

Instagram: www.instagram.com/friendforutah




2022 Candidates (State House)
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