Candidate for State House District 44

I am a trans non-binary Utahn. My campaign is built on the simple, yet difficult, principle of kindness. Utah has raised me. I was steeped in the values, natural splendor, and heartiness of Utah. It is these values that shape how I view and value the world. The values of kindness, of seeking truth over comfort, in being true to your beliefs, and in the simple joy of acts of service. This is why I am building my campaign on Kindness. Kindness is the difficult work of giving and receiving feedback, of being accountable for your impact, and your intentions.


Our legislators have recently made it clear that they do not believe in accountability. From overriding multiple ballot initiatives, to passing abortion restrictions and targeting trans children’s privacy despite the majority of Utahns not supporting these policies. It is our responsibility to be kind to our neighbors, to ourselves, and to our political alliances to be kind…to be honest…and to be accountable. Even if that means supporting another candidate in order to hold bad actors accountable. Anything less would be unkind.








2022 Candidates (State House)
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