Candidate for State House District 26

As a career teacher, I saw my students come to class, eager to share a happy event and engage in lessons or sometimes challenged to focus on learning because of obstacles from home. My sense of community began with that view from my classroom. It grew with my connections to kids, their families, and the neighborhoods where they live. My experiences with working families, employers, and my city leaders, particularly through COVID, have expanded my awareness of the issues that impact economic networks, including the role of education. Key to resolving problems is developing conversations and defining balanced objectives. As a legislator, I have an important role in both the purposeful dialogue and effective outcomes. As people in my district and across Utah

                                                                                                       face new questions about civic values and the role of government, I have even more                                                                                                                 opportunities to create meaningful interaction.

                                                                                                       Website: www.liz4utah.com

                                                                                                       Facebook: www.facebook.com/repelizabethweight

                                                                                                       Twitter: www.twitter.com/RepEWeight

                                                                                                       Instagram: www.instagram.com/repeweight





2022 Candidates (State House)
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