Eric Kraan – Cottonwood Heights Mayor

Hello Neighbor.  Over 20 years ago, my wife, Kimberly, and I fell in love with the Cottonwood Heights area. Its peaceful nature and diverse community, along with the promise of year-round mountain access, the greatest snow on earth, and the world’s fastest ice were a few of the initial driving forces that led us to make this corner of the world our forever home.  Today, I own and operate a retail business that caters to ice speed skaters, some of them you will be cheering for in the upcoming Winter Olympic Games.


My campaign for Mayor of Cottonwood Heights is first and foremost about leading an honest conversation about how our community has responded in the past and will respond moving forward to the impending challenges of tremendous economic and demographic growth.  I do not pretend to have all the answers; no truthful person holds those answers. However, together, in step with the high ideals of our democratic form of self-government, we can overcome any challenge and together build a better community.


YES, We Can! is more than a catchphrase; it is a commitment to overcome the challenges of growth by thinking outside the box, by viewing inevitable growth as an opportunity to become a more balanced and stronger city.Eric Kraan

2021 Municipal Democrats
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