Candidate For U.S. Congress – District 3

I am running for Congress in a heavily Republican district. This is an opportunity for me, as a Democrat, to listen to a diverse community of interests and bring an alternative path to solving common problems facing our society.


As a member of the Summit County Council, I have found that all government service starts with listening to the public. We may not always agree on the solutions, but we frequently agree on the problems.


I have been privileged to have spent many days and hours over the past 5+ years interacting with other members of the Utah Association of Counties. Most of my fellow Commissioners and Council Members are not of my Party, but we have become friends and all of us have an abiding goal of improving our communities. I have learned much from my fellow UAC members.


Climate, Water and Growth will affect our way of life in the coming decades. CD 3 is a very diverse district. I am interested in exchanging ideas on politics and government and the future of our communities with you during this campaign.


Facebook: Wright for Utah Congressional District 3

2022 Candidates (Congress)
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