A photo of Jill FellowJill Fellow


Park City, Summit Co.

Phone: 801-735-7416

I’m Jill Fellow, and I’m committed to helping Utah progress toward equity and equality through the strength of its Democratic Party. Our state party deserves state representation. I have lived in Utah, Duchesne, and Summit Counties, and I can see the value in having party officers from all parts of the state. The party is currently focused on planning and spending for our redistricting strategy, and I believe we need a full, complete, and passionate executive committee to make these critical decisions. My service record is strong in both Utah and Colorado, and I currently serve as the chair of the Utah Women’s Democratic Caucus for the state party and as a policy director for the Women’s Democratic Club of Utah. I supported party leadership in their transition to virtual events during the pandemic and co-moderated the party gubernatorial debates in 2020. I also serve as a director on three boards in Summit County, where I live with my 4 children. I work in nonprofit higher education, where I build alternative pathways to opportunity for underserved adults. I started my career in journalism and media literacy, and I continued to write and publish in academia. Along with fair census redistricting, I am especially passionate about women’s issues and gender equality in the beehive state. You’ll find me fighting for affordable childcare, access to safe and affordable abortions, and inclusive spaces for LGBTQ+ youth.

Executive Committee