Candidate for State House District 48

At my core, I’m practical and straightforward; that’s why I work in local government strategy and continuous improvement. Each day, I align City priorities with spending and evaluate City programs for improvements. I always run the numbers. I’m not afraid to ask tough questions, and I don’t take “That’s the way we’ve always done it” for an answer. I prioritize data over daydreams. I chose to run because I saw a lack of data and balance in state politics, due to a super-majority legislature dominated by land developers and builders. I became a moderate democrat because I want to be far away from the extremism, violence, incivility, and deception I have seen since 2016. My legislative priorities are informed decision-making, balanced growth, strong cities, public education, environmental stewardship, housing for all, and mental health. There’s a middle road that needs to be built, and it must be paved with facts, kindness, and sound reasoning.

Website: www.votekatieolson.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/votekatieolson

                                                                                      Twitter: www.twitter.com/VoteKatieOlson

                                                                                      Instagram: www.instagram.com/votekatieolson




2022 Candidates (State House)
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