Kristine Garner

Kristine Garner

Kristine Garner has primarily lived in Utah but enjoys traveling and exploring small towns, her favorite location is Kanab. A preferred weekly event is Sunday dinner because she is able to catch up with her adult son and daughter’s activities. Horses are her passion as well as caring for several foster dogs that have found a forever home with her by default. She loves art, music, and learning. In 2014 She earned a Master in Professional Communication at Weber State University.

Why I am Running

I have worked in a variety of industries and actively participated in local issues, including issues regarding smart growth and supporting local agriculture. I am running for Utah Democratic Party Chair because I want to be more actively involved in political decisions that affect my community.

I want to create an authentic environment that is open to pursuing the needs of the people that make up the great state of Utah by identifying concerns and solutions that will brand the democratic party as problem-solvers. I believe government has a huge responsibility to the people they represent, no matter their party affiliation. I want the Utah democratic party to be perceived as a group of thoughtful individuals that can balance the immediate needs of the greater good while providing a voice to those less represented.

I’m enthusiastic to jump in and provide the leadership, support, and unify the goals of the Democratic Party.

2021 Interim Chair Candidates
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