Michael Stevenson

Currently, I am the Chair of the Utah Democratic Black Caucus, and I have proudly held this position for the last five years. Under my leadership, the Black Caucus has built grassroots support for our candidates to help them win their elections. I have been lucky to work with many candidates such as Councilwoman Natalie Pinkney, Councilwoman Bettina Smith-Edmonson, Councilman Shawn Newell, Kaletta Lynch, and others.


The Black Caucus’ successes are not mine alone, but the entire teamwork of the caucus. In real life, I am a football coach, and I know that great things are never done by one person alone. UDP could be a stronger organization when it’s built on synergy, and I have a track record of creating that environment.
Ultimately, our next Vice-Chair must not only have campaign experience or knowledge in our caucuses, but they must be a selfless teamplayer. A selfless teamplayer that isn’t looking at next steps seeing how it can benefit them, but how the next steps will be a success for the team. UDP deserves a team player that will put the organization’s needs before their own, because when we learn how to work together versus against each other, things might start getting better.


If being a coach has taught me anything it’s that success is best when it’s shared, and I look
forward to sharing all of UDP’s successes with you when I am your next Vice-Chair.

2021 Vice Chair Candidate
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