Nadia Mahallati

Nadia Mahallati

Vice Chair

Salt Lake City, Salt Lake Co



I believe electing more Democrats is the best way to create a more equitable world for all. As the daughter of an Iranian immigrant, I’m a fierce advocate for marginalized communities. I recognize that there isn’t only one way to be a Democrat and I am determined to find common ground with everyone in our big tent Party around our core, common values. As Vice Chair, I’ll empower our county parties and candidates all over the state to stay true to themselves and their districts.

My day job is teaching political science at the U and Salt Lake Community College. Both require me to make complex processes and structures easy to understand; I use those same skills when bringing new people into the party.

I’m known as stickler for ensuring rules and processes are followed. And, when those rules and processes need to be changed, I collaborate to make those changes. I co-chaired a committee to completely re-write my county party’s constitution and I took initiative to draft (and pass) much-needed changes to the UDP and SLCo anti-harassment policies. Now I’m taking advantage of my relationships with Democrats all over the state and working with other county parties to improve their governing documents. As Vice Chair, I’ll help county parties and state caucuses update their governing documents to create a structure designed for growth.

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